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    PHONACAT Data & Networking Structured Wiring Installer Kit (XT900)



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    PHONACAT Data & Networking Structured Wiring Installer Kit (XT900)

    Post by ShoPerfection on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:51 am


    - Network cable tester:
    Used for confirmation of wiring connectiopn status on RJ45 based
    network cables. Includes a master and remote unit and will check for
    continuity, miswiring, open circuit and shorts etc.
    (Can also be used for RJ11, RJ12 cables).
    Uses 9Volt PP3 type battery (not supplied)

    - IDC Insertion tool - For the commonly used IDC connector system used in
    structured wiring accessories such as patch panels, data modules, linejacks
    and junction boxes.

    - RJ45 plug crimp tool - Make you own patch cords up using this heavy duty
    hand tool.

    - RJ45 plugs x 50.

    - Includes Carry Case.

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